Welcome to Center of Preschool Education “Nipiakos Kipos”!!!
Follow us in a place full of life, joy, children's voices and laughter. A place, surrounded by the imagination of our children!
In the Center of Preschool Education “Nipiakos Kipos” we designed a place that meets all the needs of a preschool child.
Our school provides children with quality and quantity of experiences in order to discover, get to know and accept themselves. It helps them to enjoy the world around them as well as actively become involved in building of their character in their everyday life. OUR SCHOOL MEETS THE VALUES OF THE PAST WITH … THE CHALLENGES OF THE FUTURE Our school deals with the child-centered orientation and its main purpose of every educational program should be the complete, harmonious and balanced development of the mental and psychosomatic powers of the children. THIS IS THE SCHOOL WHICH IS SUITABLE FOR PARENTS, CHILDREN AND TEACHERS, IN WHICH EVERYTHING GROWS AND DEVELOPS CONSTANTLY THROUGH THEIR INTERACTION.
About us
Our goal is to develop the special characteristics and abilities that exist in each child, in order to stimulate their self-esteem. That is why all our activities are inspired by the five basic principles of our philosophy:
Child-centered approach
Experiential learning
Education through the arts
Family - school cooperation
The main skills we promote within our programs are communication, creative and critical thinking and autonomy. These skills are defined as a combination of knowledge, skills, values and attitudes.
Knowledge is built through interaction with the natural and social environment. By interacting with other children and group activities, children adopt attitudes and practices that are unknown to them.
Our point of view
We have organized a place, which aims at the development and cultivation of the child’s emotional intelligence, social skills, recognition of emotions, strengthening self-esteem, learning healthy habits, strengthening critical thinking, enhancing their self-knowledge, sharing and accepting the different. The child learns the meaning of respect, friendship, love, autonomy and independence.
The history of our school
32 years of offer in preschool education, countless experiences
Our goals
Our goal is a preschool education which aims at creating free, responsible and cooperative individuals, who have a complete personality, psychosomatic integrity and creative spirit. In addition, great emphasis is placed on the singularity of children. Through sociocultural stimulus, the child can reduce the inhibitions he/she may feel. Finally, we seek to create equal opportunities for further education of the next levels.
Our Co-workers
Our school works with experienced nursery and kindergarten teachers, a group of teaching assistants and support-staff (cleaners, bus drivers, gardeners, business administrators etc.) who are all constantly trained. The Center of Preschool Education “Nipiakos Kipos" has as its main concern to be a learning community, not only for children but also for adults.
More specifically, our teaching staff includes professional personnel such as German and English teachers, Drama teacher, Music teacher, Physical Education teacher, Tae kwon do teacher, Dance teacher, Tennis instructors and a special educator, who deals with children's painting and preparation for Primary School.
Moreover, the physical and mental health of children plays an important role. That is why, there is a scientific team of collaborators in our school, including a pediatrician, a child-psychiatrist, a speech therapist, an occupational therapist, a child-dentist, a nutritionist and an Early Intervention Specialist.
Our facilities
In our school, which is located at the 18th km of Thessaloniki – Moudania (Neo Rysio),
there is an outdoor area of 5.000 square meters, with 3 playgrounds (depending on the age of the children), a traffic education park, a specially designed area for outdoor play, a vegetable garden, a football field and an outdoor area for summer events.
The building was constructed according to the specifications of the European Union and the regulations (general building regulation, earthquake regulation, building regulation, fire safety regulation, etc.) and fully meets the operating specifications of the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Education. The whole school is equipped with the most modern firefighting systems, while for the safety of children there is constant supervision through internal and external cameras in all areas of the school and an alarm system connected to a security company.
The school building with an area of 1500 square meters is made of ecological materials; it has large classrooms with respect for the personal space of each child. The classrooms are illuminated with plenty of natural light and have natural ventilation and air-conditioning.
The classrooms are equipped with furniture specially adapted for children of all ages, as well as with educational material, activity corners and creative play.
More specifically, the interior design of the school includes reception, restrooms for children and adults, theater dressing room, dining rooms, music and art room, gym and dance hall. Furthermore there are specially designed classrooms for English and German as well as the Early Intervention Support Program.
Great importance was given to the choice of colors, equipment, landscaping of the garden and the playground, in the design of which participated not only the Head engineer but also a specialized architect.
Our school, which is located at 30 Peston Street - Valtetsiou (Kato Toumpa),
hosts a variety of classes including preschool classes and a kindergarten section.
It is a two-storey neoclassical building with well-designed outdoor and indoor areas for entertainment and sports events. In our school, learning comes through processes, that make the child active and not passive receiver. The child learns by discovering knowledge in an environment that ensures joy and creation.
More specifically, there is an exterior landscaped garden with trees, a playground, a planting area, outdoor puppet theater and a wooden house for creative play.
Indoors, there are activity rooms, game rooms and a area specially designed with corners (the shop, the puppet theater, a hair salon corner, an art corner, etc.).
Such a place with plenty of facilities is very close to the city center.
Our educational programs
Our programs are based on modern concepts about education and university research programs taking into account children’s interests, their previous learning and social experiences, their personality and cultural identity. Knowing the importance of preschool age and skills, our school enables children to:
  • participate actively
  • cultivate skills and thoughts
  • explore the environment
  • gain experiences and a positive attitude towards learning
Our programs focus on
  • language through the teaching of oral and written speech
  • mathematics and mathematical thinking
  • natural sciences
  • creation and expression through the visual arts, physical education, theater and puppetry
  • environmental programs
  • health education programs
  • museum education
  • role playing games
  • digital learning tools
  • empathy programs
  • environmental protection programs
  • ecological approaches through various natural phenomena
Special courses and school clubs frame the basic educational program.
  • German school club which focuses on acquaintance of the German culture and customs
  • English school club through modern infrastructure in terms of materials and equipment
  • Music course
  • Traffic education programs
  • Baby Yoga school club
  • (Baby) swimming school club
  • Tennis school clubs
  • Dance – Kinesiology course
  • Tae kwon Do school club
  • Physical Education course
In our school there is also
an innovative course of "Early Supportive Education" with a special educator.
The goal is the socialization of children who have difficulty in their social skills. Meanwhile there is a support program with individual intervention for children with specific needs on a daily basis. The school has rich supportive educational material, guided by new technologies. Children work individually, in pairs, in small groups and with the whole class. Early detection of infants' developmental difficulties is of great value and importance for their future because it enables the educational community to organize intervention programs and it gives the time and opportunity for psychological support to their parents.
  • At the school that is located at the 18th km Thessaloniki-Moudania there are children aged 2 months to 6 years old.
  • At the school that is located in Toumba there are children aged 2 to 6 years old.
2 months - 8 months
9 months - 18 months
18 months - 2 years old
2 years old - 2.5 years old
2.5 years old - 3 years old
3 years old - 3.5 years old
3.5 years old - 4 years old
4-5 years old
5-6 years old
  • Transportation by private school buses
  • Daily breakfast
  • Possibility of lunch
  • Working hours 06:30 - 17:30
  • Operation 11 months a year
  • The school in Toumba operates 12 months (also in August)
  • Meetings and conferences by the scientific collaborators of our school
  • Parent-teacher meetings are held every two months aiming at evaluating children in various cognitive fields and children's daily routine.
School excursions
  • We organize excursions two to three times a month in order to offer to our children new experiences and enrich their spiritual world, whereas for the little ones there are a lot of activities and theatrical groups within the school.
  • Visits to museums especially for children.
  • Theatrical, puppet shows and shadow theater
  • Educational excursions based on environmental, cultural and health education programs.
The Center of Preschool Education “Nipiakos Kipos" organizes a variety of events that frame educational programs and thematic involvement in:
  • Cultural events
  • Theatrical Events
  • Visual Arts Exhibitions
  • Sports Events
  • Visual and Performing Arts Workshops
  • Charitable Actions and Bazaar
  • Reading Actions
  • Sport Days
Κ.Δ.Α.Π. (Center of Creative Activities for Children)
These are creative employment structures for children 5-12 years old, operating outside school hours, aiming at the creative exploitation of children's free time, through individual or group activities.
The Center of Preschool Education “Nipiakos Kipos" develops children’s inspiration, creativity and free expression. Afternoon creative workshops for children from 5-12 years old are held in a multi-space area guided by imagination, playful mood and love for the child.
We operate throughout the year based on a multi-dimensional program and taking into account the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dimension of the child. Specifically, our program consists of science, art, environment, sports, literature and emotions. Children are given the opportunity to explore different subjects and discover a variety of areas, and ultimately themselves.
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